Agent Insight: A Pivot Point in Your Social Media Marketing Plan



Whether you are just getting your feet wet with social media or if you are becoming a pro, there’s no denying that this is a significant way to look for leads and communicate with your current clients. As a matter of fact, social media is quickly becoming the modern day “word of mouth” for real estate clients. Use the tools within Agent Insight including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ as venues to help build your brand.

Agent Insight can be a hub where prospective customers find you through organic search results and learn more about you through your insights and your agent profile.  By editing your profile page, you can add your social media links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Customers can click through to these social media sites and become more connected to you and your business.

Further, using social media as tools for sharing knowledge about your market area, its amenities and special events can help build reliable connections with community members. This is a great tactic for getting the attention of prospective clients. You become a strong community resource and an expert who buyers can trust to help find homes in areas that appeal to them.

Did you know that every single photo and post can be individually shared to your social media audience? If you see a particularly beautiful photo or interesting insight you want to share, simply click on the share link attached to that insight, even if it’s an insight provided by another agent! If you share an insight to your social media audience, anyone who clicks through to Agent Insight from your shared post will be branded to you for any subsequent leads. This is a perfect way to bring people back to Agent Insight where they can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the real estate market in the communities you serve!

Remember that clients from Gen X and Gen Y always  have these tools at their fingertips, and a huge percentage of the Baby Boomers are very tech savvy. Before long the Millennials will join the home buying population, and they have never been without social media and its steady flow of information. These are powerful marketing tools and will continue to strengthen over time.