Parade of Hearts – A Heartland Celebration


he Parade of Hearts in Kansas City is a captivating spectacle that unites the city in a celebration of love, unity, and compassion. Every year, residents and visitors eagerly anticipate this grand event, which showcases a vibrant display of creativity and heartfelt expression. The streets come alive with a kaleidoscope of colorful, larger-than-life heart sculptures, each uniquely adorned by local artists and community members. These magnificent artworks symbolize the collective heartbeat of the city, representing its diversity, resilience, and unwavering spirit. As the parade marches through the bustling streets, joyous cheers and laughter fill the air, creating an atmosphere of pure happiness and harmony. The Parade of Hearts serves as a powerful reminder that love knows no boundaries and has the power to bring people together, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts of all who witness this extraordinary celebration.

Parkville, MO

Submitted by
Jennifer Cox
RE/MAX Revolution
Gladstone, MO

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