Build Client Rapport with Your AI Posts

All the photos and written insights that you add to your Agent Insight pages give your potential clients a window to your market area. You show them homes, stores, schools, restaurants, parks, and many more different aspects of your marketing area.

But, this is also a great opportunity to tell people about you as an expert and a resource for your communities. How to best accomplish this? Write your posts in first person!

Presenting first person paragraphs filled with plenty of “I”,  “me”,  “my”,  “we”, and so on, give your readers a unique front row seat to learn about you as well as the town. It gives you credibilty because you are sharing your thoughts and opinions directly with them.

Becky Johnson, RE/MAX Classic in Canton, MI, writes most of her insights in first person. She says she doesn’t consider herself a writer, but tries to put a lot of thought into how to make each post enticing to her readers.

“My husband and I both grew up in this area, so we have frequented many local restaurants and businesses. I played softball in the parks here and know the best farmers markets,” she said. “I think a personal review makes it better to read and more fun to write.”

Becky has been posting for about three years after Agent Insight was first introduced to the office by her broker. She has gotten some leads from her Agent Insight work and is enthusiastic about continuing to contribute. She recommends it highly to other RE/MAX agents.

Here’s an excerpt featuring Becky’s first person writing from an insight about her favorite dog boarding facility:

My English Bulldog, Gemma, and Great Dane, Jethro Bodine, absolutely love Lucky Dog Luxury Daycare & Boarding. We call it “sleep-away camp” when we board them. If they see me packing their bags and food, they start bouncing off the walls to leave. When I open my front door, they head right to the car because they are going to daycare. With all the areas for them to play with friends, toys, water (pool & hose), and the workers they come home happy and tired…. I know that my babies are well taken care of at Lucky Dog, just as if they were home with us. 

This post has so much more color and appeal than one that would have simply told about the amenities and services of Lucky Dog.  If you aren’t submitting first person insights, consider altering your writing style. Agent Insight is an excellent way to start building rapport with potential clients before you even meet them.