There’s No Place Like Home

As with many things in life, it’s often easiest to start at home.  As you’re driving around your own subdivision, think about what might appeal to prospective buyers. Is there a summer pool party at your clubhouse? How about a wine-tasting event? Maybe an adult-only swim or a fall block party? As you’re leaving your neighborhood, what are some of the immediate local attractions? Golf courses, walking trails, local sporting events? Where do YOU spend your free time on your days off? Once you start looking around, you might be surprised at what’s happening right in your own back yard.

Neighborhood pool at Brook Highland subdivision
Neighborhood pool at Brook Highland subdivision

Featured above is a good neighborhood photo. It’s composed nicely and offers a pleasant look into life here. Below is a well written insight that gives a great first person opinion of this agent’s home town.

Lots to Love in Eastern Independence                                                                          I live and work in eastern Independence and love it!  Being a country girl myself, I have found the people here are down to earth, love their families and their communities and have an overwhelming interest in participating in their local schools. We are out in the country, but never too far from entertainment, shopping, great restaurants or anything else that we want to do. You can have as much country (acreage) or as little as you want. If you are looking for a great area to raise your family, this is it! 

Springboard off of these two examples as you start thinking about your first submissions to Agent Insight. We can’t wait to see what you will send!

Photo by Beth Conwell, RE/MAX Southern Homes 280, Birmingham, AL; insight from Pamela Campbell, RE/MAX Premier Properties, Independence, MO.

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