Finding the Time

A written insight should be short and conversational. In this fast paced world, you know everyone wants their information quickly, so make these crisp and snappy. They won’t take long to write. You just need to have a few minutes of quiet time with your laptop or tablet.  When an idea comes to you, make note of it and take advantage of those little slices of time during the day when you have a few minutes alone. Maybe with that first cup of coffee in the morning or between appointments or during the down time at the next open house. Insights are easy and, most importantly, consumers (and Google) love to read! Remember to make your writing personal whenever you can. Using first person gives you lots of credibility and makes your paragraphs more interesting. Here’s a good example:

Convenient and Friendly De Vel Subdivision                                                           My wife and I were newly married and moving back to Lawrence. We purchased our first Lawrence home in a subdivision with the unusual name “Del Vel” —  I couldn’t tell you where the name comes from. We lived at 2400 Brett Drive in a home that we had built and decorated in the center of the subdivision on a corner. My wife was able to be on I-70 every morning in just a couple minutes with an easy 50 minute commute to KU Med Center in Kansas City. Topeka is only 20 minutes west. We had lots of friends in the neighborhood and really enjoyed our neighbors, many of whom are still there.  I’d be happy to introduce you to them!
washington commons
An autumn view of Washington Commons

As for photos, just remember to pull out your smartphone and snap a picture when you stop to show a property or when you are out in the community with your family or when you pull up to your favorite restaurant for lunch. Any time works because taking a picture only requires a few seconds. Set a goal to submit a couple of pictures and insights to Agent Insight every week and not only will it become habit, you will likely discover it’s fun to do.

Insight from Larry Northrup, RE/MAX Excel, Lawrence, KS; photo  by Christine Rothwell, RE/MAX at the Shore, Cape May, NJ.

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