Halloween in West Long Branch


here were 250 pieces of candy. All gone in a few hours, even before nightfall and that’s giving out one piece per kid. That’s what Halloween is like on my street. It seems the rest of the town comes to my neighborhood to trick or treat!

I know it’s true, and I know kids from other towns come here, like Long Branch, Oceanport, and Interlaken. I wish I had good photos to truly capture the mass of masked children who take over the street. They go door to door like a swarm of bees moving from beehive to beehive. Even the parents tag along, occasionally in costume. I’ve seen parents dragging a wagon behind them, with adult style drinks in it. The kids get candy, the grownups take a swig.

Then there are those houses that host post trick-or-treating parties! Never before in my life has Halloween taken on this level of mass public participation and partying until West Long Branch. It is a sight to be seen! Next year, 350 pieces!

West Long Branch

Submitted by
Elizabeth Justin
RE/MAX Elite
Monmouth Beach, NJ

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