Long-Tail Searches Bring Visitors to Agent Insight

Every written insight and photo you submit to Agent Insight is important for making your market area appealing to prospective clients. You want each of them to bring prospects to your Agent Insight pages where they can become potential leads for your business.

However, you will find that it is easier to get higher search engine rankings on more specific, local web pages. There are a lot of people competing for rankings on high value terms such as Rochester New York Real Estate, and it is much harder to rank on those valuable top 10 Google spots. Consumers are also smart enough to know that these searches are too broad to give them relevant results. With so much information available on the web, your posts with the most specific locations will give you the best chance of getting higher rankings. Consequently, web pages that feature subdivisions and neighborhoods will usually rank higher in a Google search.

You already know that the vast majority of home buyers look online during their property search. Bear in mind that they are becoming very smart about long-tail searches, or searches with a lot of words to give them very specific results. They don’t just look on line for homes in a given city; they frequently look for specific school districts, neighborhoods, and housing developments.

On the day this article was written, these were the Google rankings for each of the following long-tail searches:

These high rankings can bring clients to your page where they will see your face and name, as well as the expertise you have provided about the subdivision of interest. Make sure to include written insights on those pages that will showcase your expertise and knowledge about the development and its surrounding amenities. Post photos that show the many attractive characteristics of the neighborhood.

Colleen Collier, RE/MAX North in Amherst, NY, has submitted multiple posts for the Beacon Park Condos Development. It was another that ranked on the first page in a recent Google search. Interested buyers directed to that page will find that Colleen has posted several photos of the development’s architecture, covered parking area, walkways and the beautiful wooded area surrounding the neighborhood.

Beacon Park features private entrances. Front windows face the woods, short walk to garages
Beacon Park features private entrances. Front windows face the woods, short walk to garages
Beacon Park 2
Beacon Park Condos back up to Ellicott Creek. Easy access to water for kayaking or canoeing

Be savvy about bringing leads to your Agent Insight pages with smart placement of your submissions. Once they are there, you have a good opportunity to turn their inquires into business leads.