How do I change my profile information?

Your Local Expert profile contains many pieces of information, from several sources:

Your name, title and contact information is taken directly from LeadStreet or your engageRE Agent Portal. This includes your photo, office affiliation, phone numbers and email address. In order to ensure the most accurate information and that your leads are being correctly routed, please make sure that your contact information is correct in the engageRE Agent Portal. NOTE FOR NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY AGENTS: Due to the recent technology changes in your regions, you will only be able to update this information if you are an engageRE customer. For all other agents, please send your new profile photo to [email protected].

Updating your profile photo in the engageRE Agent Portal will immediately change your Agent Insight photo. However, when updating your contact information in LeadStreet, it can take as long as 48 hours for the changes to take effect in Agent Insight.

The personal bio section is changed by logging in, and clicking the red “EDIT PERSONAL BIO”‘ button near the top of your profile page.

The Areas of Experience section is updated automatically as you add insights and submit photos.

The Featured Homes For Sale are shown as defined in your LeadStreet Listing Manager.

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