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How do I change my profile information?

Your Local Expert profile contains many pieces of information, from several sources:

Your name, title and contact information is taken directly from LeadStreet or your engageRE Agent Portal. This includes your photo, office affiliation, phone numbers and email address. In order to ensure the most accurate information and that your leads are being correctly routed, please make sure that your contact information is correct in the engageRE Agent Portal. NOTE FOR NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY AGENTS: Due to the recent technology changes in your regions, you will only be able to update this information if you are an engageRE customer. For all other agents, please send your new profile photo to [email protected].

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How long will it take for my submission to be posted after I submit it?

Generally, we will try and approve your submission within one business day.

There are circumstances that can possibly delay approval of a submission.  For example if the size of a submitted photo is too small, support staff will send you an email requesting a larger file size. Your photo will be uploaded as soon as the new file size is received.  Also, the process is slowed when we have incomplete information on a submission.  When you send your insights, please include the location, being as specific as possible, and please include a caption.  Anything that requires additional information can delay submission.  Other possible causes of delay:  photo or insight copied from another website; a photo that includes identifiable people; or pictures that promote specific listings.

How do I change my contact information or my agent photo?

Your contact information and agent photo are pulled directly from LeadStreet.  This includes your name, agent photo, phone numbers, website URL and email address.  When you update your contact information in LeadStreet, it can take as long as 48 hours for the changes to take effect in Agent Insight. When you upload a new photo to LeadStreet, this will update your Agent Insight profile immediately.

What do I do if I can’t find the subdivision where I want to place an insight?

First, verify that you are looking in the correct city. You may often discover that a particular subdivision is not in the city you think, especially if it’s close to the border or is located in more than one city. If you are still unable to locate the subdivision, use the “Report Location” link on the Agent Insight website which is located on every city page. You will find a form that takes about a minute to complete and submit. We can then add the subdivision and will email you back once this has been resolved.

How do I become the Featured Local Expert?

On a community page, one agent is selected as the Featured Local Expert, randomly chosen from the three agents who most recently submitted a written insight about that community. Written insights are given priority as they provide the greatest SEO benefit. If there are no written insights in a community, the Featured Local Expert is chosen randomly from the three agents who most recently submitted photos about that community.

On the Explore page, three agents are featured as the Featured Local Experts, randomly chosen from the last 20 agents who most recently submitted a written insight.

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