Show Prospects What You Can Do for Them

Dan Troup, Regional Director at RE/MAX of Michigan

Dan Troup has been an enthusiastic supporter of Agent Insight since it was first introduced. The Regional Director at RE/MAX of Michigan, he says he believes “100% in the Agent Insight concept.” He promotes it to the agents in his region as a high impact marketing tool to get their information out to the public.

“An agent can explain about a subdivision on their own website, of course, but they will reach a significantly larger audience if they also post their information on  Agent Insight,” he said. “Together we create a much greater value if we all do a little work on this project.”

During the first year of Agent Insight, Michigan’s regional office gave monthly prizes for agents with the most posts. They responded enthusiastically to the competition, pouring submissions  into thousands of different subdivision, city and county pages. Their work frequently moves the RE/MAX of Michigan site to the top of internet search results, especially searches for subdivision home sales. As a result, conversation leads stream in continually from postings on the region’s site. Nearly 2000 were received last year and they have continued in 2017. This is in addition to the market area leads that the agents receive from the various RE/MAX portals.

“This is an inbound marketing concept,” Dan explained. “If you show potential clients what you can do for them, they’ll come wanting to do business with you. This is a much stronger approach than making cold calls.”

“It is so important to be at the top of the list in a Google search. It can make or break an agent’s business. Agent Insight provides a great opportunity there, especially for subdivision and school district searches since Zillow doesn’t offer that,” he said.

Dan says new agents should be all over Agent Insight, posting written submissions and photos on as many pages as they can. For veteran agents, he recommends using this as a way to protect markets where they’ve worked for a long time.

“If you are well connected in a particular area, you should place many posts there,” he said. “Give strong coverage to the existing spheres where you are already well known.”

Dan encourages his region’s agents to commit to Agent Insight and to contribute regularly. Even one submission a week from many participants helps build Michigan’s large base, he says, and casts out a big web to capture prospects’ attention.