Not Using Agent Insight? That’s Crazy!

“I wouldn’t keep posting on Agent Insight if it didn’t pay off,” said Felicia Harris, an agent with over 17 years of experience at RE/MAX Heritage in Blue Springs, MO. “I tell other agents that they are crazy not to use it, too.”

Felicia has been uploading photos and written insights to Agent Insight since 2016 and has completed 573 submissions to date. Many potential clients have found her through her Agent Insight submissions. In a recent Google search of each of her 30-plus subdivision pages, 10 of them came up as the first result on the search and another three were second. Every one of the subdivisions appeared on the front page of the search results!  Felicia doesn’t pay for leads from Zillow or other real estate databases, so she relies on Agent Insight, along with other social media platforms, to bring in potential clients.

Felicia’s goal is to post twice a week, submitting both a photo and a written submission on each of the subdivision pages where she has listings. Additionally, she is creative about how she covers other amenities and events in her community. “While I’m out and about, I look for things that interest me,” she said. “I watch for subjects while I’m  showing listings or running errands or enjoying an activity with my family. I especially want to cover the excellent schools in Grain Valley where I live.  I’m a huge football fan of the schools’ teams and, of course, of the Kansas City Chiefs.”

The day after the Chiefs won the AFC Championship on Jan. 29, 2023, Felicia posted five new submissions about the team and the game. One of those, along with a sampling of her other work, is shown here. Note that she always packs good information into her captions.

Part of our highly rated public schools, this is one of the best schools around. Love the Big Eagle!
Shriners Circus was the place to be! All the kids were in awe! Shriners have 22 non-profit hospitals.
KC Chiefs pride throughout Union Station! Super Bowl, here we come!
Peach trees are in bloom – I love this time of year in Missouri.

“I have been selling real estate with RE/MAX for over 17 years. We are the best of the best,” Felicia said. She plans to continue using Agent Insight as an important part of her marketing plan. “Agent Insight gets the leads for me,” she said. “When someone does a Google search, I want my name to pop up.”