A Vision for Agent Insight

Valerie BombergerYou must have vision to see the long-term impact of Agent Insight. That’s Valerie Bomberger’s approach to many months of planning and work on  the areas she covers in Agent Insight. An agent with RE/MAX Harbor Country in New Buffalo, MI, Valerie has made over 620 written and photo posts and she is seeing results!

“I get inquiries at least once a week off of Agent Insight,” Valerie says. “These are questions from potential clients. Sometimes they aren’t ready to look at properties yet, but I always try to be helpful. One day when they are ready to buy or sell, they will remember.”

Valerie has received questions about homes association dues, caveats and restrictions, and which builders are allowed in different developments, among many other topics. She always tries to answer and follow up, even though she realizes her work may not be a value to her business right away.

Michael Schwarz's 1890 brick, turreted castle-style house, serves as a community center in Holland, MI
Michael Schwarz’s 1890 brick, turreted castle-style house, serves as a community center in Holland, MI

“I know that many of these contacts will pay off over time,” she says. “For example, I’m currently working with a client in Holland, MI,  who is looking for an old school building or church that he can convert into a unique home. He found me through the Holland page on Agent Insight where I’d placed a photo about a year ago. At the time, I was the only agent with a post on the Holland page.”

There are many location pages throughout the Agent Insight Southwest Michigan site where Valerie is still the only agent with posts. As a result, she is the only one who appears as the Featured Local Expert for those locations and receives any inquires generated by visitors to the pages. Try a Google search for “Homes for sale in the Eiffel Tower Bluffs in New Buffalo, MI” or “Homes for sale in Wildwood in Stevensville, MI” or “Homes for sale in Burton Heights in Saint Joseph, MI”. These are just a few searches that place Agent Insight at the top of the list and showcase Valerie  as the Featured Local Expert.

“I’m seeing that Agent Insight and I work off of each other,” Valerie says. “My submissions build the Agent Insight pages and that pushes me up in Google searches. This is a long process, so you must have a vision. I started posting about a year ago. One of my goals for 2016 is to track where my business is coming from, so I know how much is resulting from Agent Insight.”

Valerie says she is surprised by how many agents “don’t get it”. She sees a lot of colleagues who try making a few posts, but don’t follow through.

“When I first stumbled across Agent Insight, I saw immediately that it is an excellent prospecting tool and lead generator. My goal is to have at least one post for every subdivision in my market area. This is very helpful to my marketing efforts and the work will bring me value over time,” she says.