Agent Insight Creates a Perfect Sales Funnel

Agent Insight can be an important tool in your online marketing plan if you position yourself throughout the site to cover a wide range of your sales area. It creates the perfect sales funnel to change a stranger into a prospect, then into a client. The classic sales funnel philosophy creates a sales journey that shifts a prospect through various stages of awareness from interest to decision to action.

Catch the attention of as many prospects as possible by placing your written insights or photos on dozens of places throughout Agent Insight such as  subdivisions, school districts, cities and counties. Determine the places where you want prospects to find you and blanket them with your submissions.

Fill your submissions with reasons why prospects might want to utilize your expertise about an area. Make your photos tell a story about the place. Ensure your written insights convey your knowledge about the amenities and features of your market.

If prospects see that you are the go-to person in areas where they have an interest, your Agent Insight posts could be the enticement they need to reach out to you. You could get a call or an email asking about a HOA, proximity to schools, distance to downtown or the nearest airport, or about a specific home for sale. Any question is an opening for you to engage with a new person.

If you have a chance to connect with a prospect, a very real opportunity has arisen for that person to move forward with you as their real estate agent. The end of a well-utilized funnel yields income-producing clients.

This is a simple look at the Agent Insight sales funnel. The reality is that the top end of the funnel needs to be fairly wide to be effective. You need to cast a broad net with a lot of insights placed in many different areas to attract a large number of Internet visitors. Some of these will be casual web surfers with only a passing interest in buying or selling a home. However, that large crowd will contain some valuable prospects. Grab their attention as they scan your posts and progress through the stages of the funnel. Signed contracts at the end is the goal and your efforts with your Agent Insight work will be time well spent.