Agent Insight in the Time of Pandemic

Your normal routine to attract new real estate customers has taken a shift since COVID-19 struck. Its impact has forced agents to give careful thought to what to do next. Agent Insight continues to be a unique opportunity even during this difficult time.

Your community is undoubtably doing many things to combat the affect of this pandemic. In fact, many cities and neighborhoods have risen to the occasion during these difficult times. Look around and highlight the positive ways your community has responded with generosity, hospitality, and resilience!

For example, if you have a local museum offering virtual tours, post a photo of the building and write an article about how much you and your family have enjoyed seeing the exhibits via the Internet. Share the link to the museum tour.

Perhaps a music store is giving online instrument lessons. Take a photo through the store’s window showing their wares and tell about the classes and teachers.

Show new gardens that are popping up around town or groceries being delivered. Perhaps there is an exercise or yoga class being held in a local park with the participants all spaced far apart from each other. (Remember, we can’t run recognizable faces, so shoot the people from a distance or from behind them.)

As restaurants reopen, you can feature inviting outside dining areas with tables properly positioned for social distancing. Showcasing local restaurants is always a fine way to make a new contact. Let the proprietors know that you are promoting their place; maybe they will return the favor one day with some good customer leads. 

We frequently receive excellent photos and insights about outside venues that make a community or neighborhood appealing. Parks, dog parks, walking trails. lakes, fishing ponds, fountains, and other outdoor amenities are all good ways to promote your market. Post some new insights telling about the pleasure of outdoor spaces, even with social distancing in place.

All over the country, people have been celebrating with car parades. Decorated with balloons, streamers and posters, the cars stream by the homes of high school seniors who missed their graduation ceremonies. Others drive past hospitals, police and fire stations to salute first responders. Other parades pass through retirement communities to wave at home bound senior citizens.

Brad Brown, RE/MAX Advantage in Kearney, MO, posted a cheerful piece about parades in his town, explaining how they are morale boosters for the community.

Many Car Parades This Spring and Summer
In this current pandemic era, there are many reasons to live in the Kearney area! One of them is the multiple car parades that have blessed our town. The people sat in lawn chairs, or if it was a little cool, they sat in their vehicles across the many subdivisions on the parade route. The car group volunteers waved from their cars, while the families waved back. It is energizing and makes many feel very thankful. The Kearney High School will soon have a parade for the Graduating Class of 2020. I imagine there will be many more parades in our future in this new world!!

If you need inspiration for these and other submission ideas, explore through the Featured Insights section of Insight Insider. We are living in a difficult, unprecedented time, but you can still find many ways to showcase the positive attributes of your market area.