Moving from Gray to Glorious Color

The spring and summer sales season is rocking along. You are busy meeting new clients, showing homes and completing closing paperwork. We understand your calendar is crowded and we trust you have plenty of clients demanding your attention.

Wakefield's extra wide streets are great for bike riding!
Wakefield’s extra wide streets are great for bike riding!
30 miles south of Buffalo - Lake Erie sunset! Beautiful beaches, fishing, recreational activity!
30 miles south of Buffalo – Lake Erie sunset! Beautiful beaches, fishing, recreational activity!
Orangerie at Burden Museum and Gardens
Orangerie at Burden Museum and Gardens

However, there is no better time for shooting photos and sending submissions to Agent Insight than RIGHT NOW. Trees are full, flowers are blooming and the sky is blue making this the prime time to supplement Agent Insight’s pages, especially those that have an abundance of pictures filled with winter gray.

Our website needs to look appealing to web browsers who want homes in your area. The goal is to make every community look its best through your photos and written words – now is the time! Prospects visit Agent Insight community pages and agent profiles every day and the leads those web visitors generate are sent on to participating agents. Let’s keep this engine chugging along!

Make It Routine

Remember to gather material for your submissions whenever you are out with clients. Just take a minute to photograph the neighborhood amenities when you drive through for showings. Grab some shots when you are out with your family at the lake, shopping, dining, playing…all the summer routine and fun times.  It just takes a few seconds to line up a good shot and a few more minutes to write a short caption and send it. Written submissions are a quick task, too – just schedule a short time to put together your words and get them posted.

Here’s a great reinforcement from the field:  Peg Eisenhauer, RE/MAX North in Amherst, NY, is one of the agents currently building the New York sites to launch to the public soon. She sent the following email to her local colleagues.

“My instincts are telling me that this [Agent Insight] is going to be an extremely lucrative venue for those of us who enthusiastically participate.  It is new, it is different. And I believe RE/MAX is onto something incredible. So get your posts in.  Many, many, many posts.  I did one last night on my iPhone just before nodding off.   Non-photo posts are great!!  You don’t have to go anywhere, you just need five minutes….and an interesting post or extremely popular point of interest with a twist…Photos are great too, but they can enter as it works for you given the fact that we are smack dab in the middle of our busy season.  Have some fun with this….we’ve certainly earned it!”

Photos by Randy Brooks, REMAX Advantage, Spanish Fort, AL; Pat Wattam, RE/MAX First, Baton Rouge, LA; and Al Ryer, RE/MAX North, Amherst, NY.

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