Untapped Opportunity

Every subdivision, school district, city and county page in Agent Insight has a prominently displayed blue box labeled “Have a Question?” If visitors want to know something about that place, they click on the box, complete the form, and potential leads are created.

The question goes directly to one of the agents who have submitted insights on that page. The three agents who have posted most recently are randomly displayed as the Featured Local Expert, and the question is sent to the agent who is featured when the visitor accesses the page. These are called “conversation leads,” and many of them have the potential to provide significant business.

The Agent Insight staff often receives inquiries that have been submitted on places with no submissions and, therefore, no Featured Local Expert. These leads are manually assigned as conversation leads to agents in the area who have contributed to Agent Insight, giving them a chance to connect with these prospects. Many of these landing pages rank first or second on Google searches which is how potential clients find us and submit their inquiries. Here are some recent examples of unclaimed conversation leads:

“I would like to view homes in the Fountains Subdivision in Grandview, MO.”

“I am interested in renting or buying (in the Strawberry Lane Condo Development, Albany, NY). Please contact me.”

“Will there be any condos in Greenwood Acres (Lansing, MI) coming up for sale?”

Rick Hoffman, RE/MAX of Kalamazoo, MI, was assigned a promising question about a home in Plainwell, MI. The consumer stated that she was “very interested in seeing it. I’m moving back to Michigan from the Chicago area.” Rick discovered that this prospect was on the front-end of her home search and won’t be moving for a year or more. But he was able to add her as a Web Client in LeadStreet and direct her to his website to conduct future searches. The business may be some months away, but everyone needs leads like this in their pipeline.

The significant tip here is to make sure you have written insights or photos posted in many, many of the subdivisions and communities where you work and live. Although there are many communities represented, there are also a significant number of “empty” locations that are ripe for opportunity! We are happy to distribute the unassigned leads that arrive almost daily, but you want to raise the chances that they will come straight to you because you are the Featured Local Expert in the areas where you want to sell. Submit your written insights and photos to these empty places, be the “mayor” of that community, and capitalize on the incoming conversation leads!