Catchy Headlines Catch More Clients

Every submission you post on Agent Insight should be designed to catch the eye of potential clients. To that end, pay special attention to your headlines. Statistics show that well more than 50% of readers,  including those perusing the web or publications, only read the headlines. It only takes a few compelling words to draw people into the rest of the story.

A headline should be a concise summary of the article. It might be descriptive, enticing, maybe even humorous. It’s best to include a verb and a subject. Here are some examples and tips on skillful headline writing using a fictional shopping and entertainment district, “Regency Park,” that is a centerpiece of its community.

Keep It Simple:
Regency Park Is a Destination Area for the Entire Community
This headline is clear and uses strong words that could interest  readers.  It’s straightforward and might attract a potential client interested in this aspect of the community.

Make It Personal:
My Family Loves the Variety of Restaurants in Regency Park
It is always a good practice to write your insights and headlines using first person. Agent Insight is the perfect platform to tell people about your knowledge of the area and why you like it.

Make It Reader Centered:
You Get That Festive Feeling at Regency Park’s Christmas Parade
Draw readers into the headline by telling them how they will benefit from your featured subject. In this case,  you could focus on your favorite stores (Eclectic Shopping Waits for You at Regency Park’s Southside Boutique), easy access to parking (You’ll Enjoy Free Parking at Regency Park), or beautiful landscaping (You Won’t Believe the Regency Park Flower Displays).

Find the Hook
Regency Park’s Book Nook Beacons to Bibliophiles or Regency Park’s Midtown Brewery Receives Highest Rating
Grab a reader’s attention with something they can visualize and value. The examples here call to book lovers and coffee drinkers. You don’t have to look hard to find the hook for any subject you cover.

Move beyond giving your insights a label, in this case simply “Regency Park,” and work to catch a reader’s eye. We are faced with an avalanche of information every day, but with a little time and ingenuity, your headlines can get prospective customers to stop and look twice.