Connecting the Past to the Present

As you plan your Agent Insights submissions, be sure to include posts that describe the history of your community. Every town has much to draw from, such as stories about the city founders or how the streets got their names or when the area was originally settled. What made the city grow? Was it located near a river or seaport, natural resources, maybe a major railroad line? Use historic details to present a richer, fuller picture of the area and give potential home owners the opportunity to feel a deeper connection to the area.

Jennifer Olson, RE/MAX T-Town in Tulsa, OK, has submitted many posts about the history of her marketing area in Eastern Oklahoma. She says she wants her Agent Insight information to “cover everything that demonstrates my knowledge of the area to potential clients.”

She frequently posts a pair of insights about a town, with one telling about things to do there and the other explaining some of its history.  Here are some excerpts that might inspire similar posts you can do for your own community.

History of Claremore
Claremore, meaning “mountain with a clear view,” got its name from an Osage Chief known as “Gra-moi” who was among the first settlers in the area.

A Little Fun Fact about Bartlesville
The town of Bartlesville was established in 1875 by Jacob Bartles. He started the first trading post in 1875. Once it caught on, a post office was opened in May of 1879.

A Little of Coweta’s History
In 1843, a man by the name of Robert Loughridge arrived in the Wagoner County area. He created a mission that was originally named “Koweta.” As a town grew around the mission the name became Coweta.

Like a little history in your stroll? Check out the Will Rogers statue in Claremore

Jennifer has posted both photos and written insights about special historical features. The sculpture shown here is of the famous cowboy, actor, and newspaper columnist, Will Rogers.  You’ll find it in Claremore, OK, where the Will Rogers Memorial Museum is located.

Jennifer posted an excellent insight about Tulsa’s Gilcease Museum. “Are you familiar with the Smithsonian located in Washington D.C.?”, she writes. “Well, Tulsa offers a major history museum of the American West that is just as good!’ she says. ” Founded by oilman Thomas Gilcrease, the Gilcrease Museum houses the most comprehensive collection of American West art in the nation.”

Jennifer has posted over 430 Agent Insight submissions. She says she works hard to choose subjects that will enlighten her clients on features of Eastern Oklahoma. Some of her historical posts are just for fun. For example, the original Historic Route 66 ran through Tulsa at one time, and Jennifer has included several photos about the sites and restaurants located along the famous highway.

The Route 66 attraction, Rock Cafe, has good food
Historic 66 Generations is an antique mall along Route 66


“If I think something is cool, my clients will, too, she said. “Why wouldn’t any agent contribute to Agent Insight when it’s so fun and easy, too? It’s such a great way to enhance your marketing plan.”