Cover More Territory with New Agent Insight Tool

A primary goal of your Agent Insight submissions is to spread your name across as many places as you can within your market area. To help you achieve that objective, we have added a handy new tool to your personal agent page.

Take a look at the example below featuring the agent page of Christine and Carol Lies, RE/MAX 1st Choice in Liberty, MO. The new addition is the red button titled “View Places Needing Insight” indicated here with the blue arrow.

The red button is only visible to you when you log into Agent Insight; it is invisible to clients and other visitors. Click on the box to see a list of about 50 subdivisions located within your market and close to your central office area which have few Agent Insight postings.

In the case of Christine and Carol Lies, their office is located in Liberty, a community within the greater Kansas City, MO area. Their list, partially shown below, picks up about 50 Liberty subdivisions that have few or no Agent Insight submissions from any RE/MAX agent.

Another search tool has been added to every Agent Insight city page. Included in the row of red command buttons is a new one labeled “Opportunities“.  Choose the city, click on the button and a list of about 50 subdivisions in or near that city will appear. Here’s where the button appears, using another of Christine and Carol Lies’ cities, Fairway, KS, as an example.

Armed with this knowledge, the Lies Team can move quickly through their lists, adding written insights and photos they’ve taken. Until another agent posts a submission on any of these places, the Lies Team will be the only agents to collect leads generated by potential clients who run Google searches for those subdivisions and contact Christine and Carol with questions.

Look for these new features and get busy!  Be the first one to post on the subdivisions on your lists, and strengthen your Agent Insight presence.