Culture & Community Could Be Your Key To Close

As you expand your Agent Insight submissions beyond discussing the local housing market, think of the features in your community that will appeal to new residents. Here are a few suggestions if you need a little inspiration.

Public Transporation
If you have trains, buses, trolleycars, taxis, or even Ubers that move people conveniently around the town, give them some coverage. Potential buyers might need that information. Public transportation easily lends itself to both written and photo insights. Take a look at these great examples.

One of the sleek new street cars traveling through the City Market in Kansas City
Here comes the streetcar, a great way to travel in New Orleans
The beautiful Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor for film and events

Whether you choose live theater or movie houses, your community is bound to have multiple venues for you to feature. Music halls, little theaters, local college campus theaters, movie multiplexes:  all of these and more would make great submissions.  Gigi Perry, RE/MAX Realty Suburban in Shawnee Mission, KS, wrote the following submission about one of her favorite local theaters.

Enjoy the Kansas City Music Hall
 Kansas City Music Hall….is a gorgeous Art Deco style theater that was built in 1936. Just some spectacular architecture! My husband and I gave each other season tickets a few years ago to celebrate our anniversary. The shows are Broadway quality. We have been going for years and I can say, I probably only saw one that I didn’t love….How lucky we are here in Kansas City to have such a gem!

The historic Lafayette County Courthouse, built in 1872, is dressed up for the holidays

Local History
Historical content can likely be found all over your community. Research historic homes or public buildings, the background of local business and industry, or details about the city’s founding. You will provide appealing information for history buffs and trivia enthusiasts alike! As with the other subjects mentioned here, these can be especially fun to write or photograph – and you might even learn something new!

Agent Insight is your marketing opportunity to show off all aspects of the towns and cities where you sell homes. Highlight the cultural opportunities in your city, and who knows? Culture and community could be your key to close!

Photo credits:  Sara Snook, RE/MAX Revolution, Gladstone, MO; Gary Lazarus, RE/MAX N.O. Properties, New Orleans, LA; Marygrace Liparoto, RE/MAX Home Sale Services,  Northville, MI; Martha Thompson, RE/MAX Legacy, Oxford, MS.