Feed the Pipeline with Agent Insight

Almost a year ago, Valerie Bomberger of RE/MAX Harbor County in New Buffalo, MI, had completed about 620 Agent Insight submissions. She was excited about their effect on her business and pledged to add more in the next 12 months. Sticking to her plan, Valerie has added a significant number of new submissions since last February. She continues to see results.

“I have a goal with my broker to cover every subdivision in the New Buffalo/St. Joseph market by April,” Valerie said. “I have a huge stack ready to submit and plan to have them all done before the spring selling season.”

Valerie gets at least one lead every week from Agent Insight. In fact, she recently closed on a sale that originated from her very first Agent Insight lead! She has been working on it for nearly a year — a new construction project that was full of delays, but is paying off at last.

“I have found that my Agent Insight leads are quality leads,” Valerie said. “The people making inquiries truly want my resources and are very glad for my quick response. They actively look at the information I send them. I’m a tracker and keep good records on where I get all my leads.”

Although every inquiry that comes through Agent Insight does not lead to business immediately, Valerie still follows up with all of them.

“I’ve been in the business a long time and know that you always have to keep lead possibilities in the pipeline,” she said. “Besides, I’ve found that since 2009, it takes people longer and longer to come to a decision when they are buying a home.”

Agent Insight is part of a combination marketing plan that Valerie has instituted for her business. For every subdivision, she writes a post for Agent Insight, Google Plus, and her personal website, using different verbiage for each version. Months after being posted, her Agent Insight submissions keep working for her. A Google search of many of her subdivisions brings up the Agent Insight page first, even if her posting is several months old.

Valerie explained that she and her assistant run Google searches periodically on their subdivisions to keep track of search results. If one has dropped down in ranking, they post another submission about that area, and it pushes them back to the top.

“My marketing plan is working and I’m seeing results without spending a dime on it,” she said. “You have to constantly sow the seed. The real estate business is a roller coaster. Closings always seem to happen at the same time – so one week you might have five closings, and then there’s nothing and you have to rebuild. That’s why there’s a constant need to feed the pipeline.”

Agent Insight is a tool that does exactly that.

By the way, one of Valerie’s marketing strategies is to cover a huge variety of subjects with her photos and written submissions. Her wide range of topics is an excellent way to let potential clients know that she is an expert in the New Buffalo/St. Joseph area. Enjoy these selections from her photo collection:

A pretty setting for a water trap at Indian Lake Hills Golf Course in Eau Claire
The Cass County Courthouse was built in 1899
Great fall color on the blueberry bushes at DeGrandchamp Farms
One of many statues in the downtown Saugatuck area