Using “First Person” Helps Make You the Authority

One of the primary goals of Agent Insight is to present you as the local real estate expert in your area.  One of the most effective ways of achieving this is to write an insight in first person.  This is a powerful way to give prospective clients information about your community.  You’re doing the talking, not just reporting the facts.

First person writing is more compelling, more interesting and, quite often, a lot more fun to read.  Telling the story from your point of view lets your readers know that because you have personal experience in your town, you are a super resource for them in their property search.

One of the easiest first person insights for you to write is to tell why you chose to live in your neighborhood or city. Here are a couple of excerpts from some excellent posts:

Battle Creek is where I choose to live, work and play. After all, what’s not to love? Whether popping into downtown’s very own Brownstone Cafe for a great cup of coffee and a laugh with the locals, or taking my lunch at Harper Creek’s Bridge Park, I am constantly being reminded of the quality of life we enjoy here.
Esther Owen
RE/MAX Perrett Associates, Inc., Battle Creek, MI

People often ask me “Red, why do you love living in the Hudson Tea Building so much?” While there are so many reasons, like my amazing neighbors, the feeling of community, modern conveniences we sometimes overlook, and a sense of overall well being in such an awesome space, it’s the little things that make you stop for a second and feel grateful for your home.
Danielle “Red” Drasher
RE/MAX Gold Coast Realty, Hoboken, NJ

Make it a regular practice to tell about all the features in your area in first person, whether talking about local businesses, schools or activities.  All of the next examples tell persuasive stories about amenities of these agents’ areas.

I really cannot stand to grocery shop. It seems the time it takes is always cutting into my fun.  And, I simply don’t want to fight massive crowds or have to sift through days-old produce to find fresh. Or park a mile away for bread and milk. The Uptown Market located in North Edmond across from Mitch Park has changed all that!
Kay Pratt
RE/MAX Associates Realtors, Edmond, OK

When my children were getting ready to start school, my wife and I did our homework.  We spoke with many parents.  Not only did everyone have good things to say about Elkhorn schools, they raved about them!  The enthusiasm was evident.  We were sold.
Rick Bak
RE/MAX The Producers, Omaha, NE

I recently visited the National WWII Museum’s “Boeing Center” in downtown New Orleans while on a field trip with my son’s 4th grade class. What an incredible time we had seeing the actual airplanes that were in WWII.
Luke Jones
RE/MAX N.O. Properties, New Orleans, LA

Put yourself into your writing as if you were talking to your client. First person is an easy style to write and when you do, your opinions and knowledge are on display. Don’t miss the chance to speak to prospects, even in your photo captions, like the one written by Mary Shelsby, RE/MAX Realty Group, Pittsford, NY,  for her beautiful photo shown below.

There's something about red barns, white fences and autumn sunsets that I find simply irresistible
There’s something about red barns, white fences and autumn sunsets that I find simply irresistible