Capturing Curb Appeal

There are plenty of features important to potential clients in every community where you have listings.  However, all home buyers want a good look at the neighborhoods where they might find a house.  You have submitted thousands of photos from towns across the country showcasing all kinds of homes.  There are many way of photographing a neighborhood.  Let’s take a look at a range of these.

The Big Picture

Good 2
Holiday Drive entrance into the Maples
Residents enjoy beautiful tree-lined streets

You get a good sense of the neighborhood from the two photos shown above. The curving street on the left has appeal, as does the canopy of trees on the right. The pictures illustrate the architectural style of the neighborhood. (However, beware of shooting your pictures straight down the middle of the street – this tends to fill much of the frame with pavement and sky instead of the homes.)

Showcasing the Houses

A canal home on Ono Island
A canal home on Ono Island
A beautiful Stanford model
A beautiful Stanford model

The next two pictures are framed well and their colors are very clear and bright.  A photo of a single home from a neighborhood can give a good representation of what the whole development looks like.  And, if the Agent Insight page shows plenty of pictures of that neighbor-hood, these create a fine set to show off an area.

Hitting All the Bases

Beautiful older homes in Mott Park
Beautiful older homes on a shady street in Mott Park
Lovely homes of Washington Town Center
Lovely homes of Washington Town Center

Both of the photos above are blue ribbon quality. They show a row of homes characteristic of the neighborhood. The agents who shot the pictures took them when the sun was casting beautiful shadows, making the lawns lush and bringing out the detailing on the houses. These are definitely pictures that will make potential buyers look twice.

Photos by Mike Nielsen, RE/MAX Best Associates, Lansing, MI; Sandy Cona, RE/MAX Plus, Rochester, NY; Barbara McDaniel, RE/MAX of Orange Beach, AL; Aurelia Isidoro, RE/MAX Homeland Realtors, Freehold, NJ; Joe DeLorenzo, RE/MAX in Town, Lawrenceville, NJ;  Scott D. Shaker, RE/MAX Grand, Grand Blanc, MI.

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