Great Feedback from a Longtime Participant

“Every agent is looking for leads and prospects.  My name still comes up at the top of a Google search due to posts I made on Agent Insight years ago,” says Glee Barnhill of RE/MAX Orange Beach in Orange Beach, AL. “Because my collection of insights isn’t ever erased, they constantly help my name pop up on the internet, especially for the developments I show.”

Glee has participated with Agent Insight for four years, submitting 140 posts that cover eight towns and 55 developments.  She says she loves the “portability” of making posts. Just snap a quick photo with your mobile device, write a quick caption, and hit send.

“I shoot pictures and get ideas for written insights all through the day, wherever and whatever I’m doing. I can be in the car showing properties or on a boat or on the beach,” she says. “If something catches my eye, it will likely catch someone else’s.” Glee has made many submissions about condos and houses, but she shows plenty of variety such as art festivals, restaurants, businesses, schools, and, of course, the natural beauty of the Alabama coastline.

“This is a resort area with lots of retirees moving from northern states. Agent Insight is such a benefit because I can show out-of-town clients so much of our beautiful Gulf communities online,” she said. “Other real estate sites show listings, but I can present so much more on Agent Insight. With so many buyers choosing their new homes sight-unseen, this is a great service.”

Glee makes full use of the technology at her fingertips by posting her Agent Insight photos on Facebook and Instagram. “I consider this my alternative to blogging,” she said. “I can show off the area while entertaining and educating my current and potential clients.”

The positive experience Glee has had with Agent Insight should inspire you to use this excellent marketing tool in 2021. Consider making a New Year’s Resolution to start using Agent Insight if you are new to RE/MAX or to get back into the routine of submitting insights if you haven’t posted anything for a while. We have some great training tools available to help you get started! Here are a few photos from Glee’s collection.

This whimsical seahorse is part of the bayfront art in Elberta
Come see the beautiful winter beach in Orange Beach
Love the beautiful landscaping at Heritage Motor Homes
You can have the beach to yourself in the fall



Winter scenes make great photos. You can even reshoot the same subjects you’ve already covered because they’ll appear completely different surrounded by snow. We look forward to your ingenuity with pictures and written insights related to the season.