Growing Your On-Line Marketing Plan

Marty PerreaAgent Marty Perrea’s advice to anyone starting new in the business is to choose a neighbor-hood and become an expert there. Then, push out in concentric circles to build your areas of expertise.

“I started with my own neighbor- hood, Riss Lake in Parkville, MO. I have become a Riss Lake real estate expert and currently sit on eight out of every 10 listings there,” said Marty, an award winning agent who has been with RE/MAX Results in Kansas City, MO, since 2007,

He recommends growing a social media marketing plan the same way, by starting with a couple of on-line tools, such as your personal website and Facebook, and concentrating on those. Grow them well and gradually add other pieces:    Agent Insight, a blog , Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and HOUZZ are all possible choices.

“It’s better to start with a couple of pieces that you do very well than to do too many things poorly,” said Marty. “Your social networking is a continuous effort and you shouldn’t expect to build social exposure overnight. This will be a day-by-day endeavor to put together an on-line marketing plan that will help you generate leads.”

Marty contributes regularly to Agent Insight and has currently amassed over 100 submissions with more than 20 areas of expertise. He says he is always searching for relevant information to include about his community and its resource to potential clients.

“I regularly peruse the Agent Insight pages to see where my posts are located,” he said. “I want to try to stay ahead of the game and not slip down too far in the list of contributing agents. I try to provide quality posts that will catch someone’s interest.”

Marty assigns part of his social media work to his assistant and between the two of them he estimates that they currently spend about 10 hours a month adding content and maintaining the various pieces of his social marketing program. He notes that agents have to view this as a regular on-line task.

“Consumers are bombarded with marketing from every direction so you have to keep your tools simple and easy to negotiate. I’m always searching for relevant information to include. I want my on-line tools to provide value by giving specific information about the area and its resources to potential clients,” he said.

You can visit Marty’s website at In addition to the Kansas City market site, his Agent Insight profile page appears on his website here.

Beautiful sunset over Riss Lake in Parkville, MO
Beautiful sunset over Riss Lake in Parkville, MO