I Want to Be the “Featured Local Expert”

We are frequently asked how an agent gets to be the Featured Local Expert on a location page.  Here’s the answer:    the featured featuredexpert’s name is drawn from a random selection of the last three agents who submitted a written insight for that location. If no written insights have been received yet, agents who have submitted photos are selected.

When visitors select the Explore Places to Live tab, they are directed to a page where three agents are pictured as Featured Local-expertsLocal Experts. In the example shown here, the page is for the Birmingham, AL, metropolitan area and at the right are the three Featured Local Experts.  This group is randomly chosen from the last 20 agents who made a submission.

So, the answer is easy.  Just make submissions on a regular basis to keep your name and face up front. Put Agent Insight in your calendar reminders for one afternoon each week and give yourself an hour or so to write insights and submit the photos you’ve taken. Your fresh material will keep your name high on the rotation and it gives Agent Insight and RE/MAX a higher rank on Google and other search engines. Everybody wins!

There is a page for every county, city, subdivision and school district in your market area. Many of them have no submissions yet, so keep in mind that if you are the first person to send in a written insight or a photo, you will be the only person shown as the Featured Local Expert there. Go be the first!

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