The “I’s” Have It – The Power of Writing in First Person

On-line real estate marketing is about building relationships through thousands of quick messages shared with your target audience. Agent Insight is the perfect venue for demonstrating your expertise while also showcasing your market area and letting your prospects and clients learn more about you.

Real estate is a personal business. The Internet…not so much. Because you have an enormous amount of online competition, it’s more critical than ever to convey your personality through your insights. Give your readers something about yourself while also telling them about your community. Post a photo of your dog bounding across the local dog park. Write about your favorite restaurant just minutes from the neighborhood where you have listings. What theaters to you like? Where do you go for the best lattes? Tell why a local garden center is your favorite, which gym is the best, or why you like watching the sun go down from that perfect spot above the city.

You aren’t inserting yourself into your posts to boost your ego. This is about establishing your credibility as an authority on your town and giving prospects a peek at who you are and why they should want to work with you.

Here’s an example of a  subdivision write-up that could be easily composed by anyone. It gives good information, but doesn’t tell the reader anything about the agent who wrote it:

Tallgrass Plains is a community with plenty to offer residents looking for outdoor fun. It has a park with a playground, picnic tables, a fishing pond, a hiking/biking trail and swimming pool. The schools zoned to the neighborhood include Stark Elementary, Monroe Middle School and Memorial High School. All are within walking distance.

Here’s a rewrite that puts some heart into the copy and introduces prospects to the author:

I work in many beautiful neighborhoods in the south part of town and Tallgrass Plains is one of my favorites. I’ve shown homes here to dozens of clients and the ones who always want a second or third look are the ones who love the great outdoors. As a nature lover myself, it is such a pleasure to show the big open area with its playground, fishing pond and sunny pool with its big cabana. I recently sold a sprawling ranch here to a family with three children and they all love to spend time on the community’s hiking/biking trail. There are excellent schools for all grade levels within walking distance. My nephew attends Stark Elementary and my sister is thrilled with the teaching staff there.

The first version gives details. The second version tells a story, but even more importantly, it vividly illustrates that the agent telling it is an expert on the neighborhood.

Take a look at your next post or one of your recent ones. If it isn’t written in first person, do a quick rewrite and compare the two. Which is more compelling to read? Which is more fun to read? Which gives your prospects a better idea of your knowledge and your passion for your market area? Invite your reader into this cyber version of your life and start establishing relationships before you even meet.