Attention Grabbing Posts and Photo Captions

Agent Insight is designed to help  RE/MAX agents grab the attention of potential clients through words and photos.  Kendall Arnold with RE/MAX Results in Real Estate, Inc., in Gulfport, Mississippi goes the extra mile to make his posts and captions do exactly that.

Kendall’s written insights are not only informative, but they are also fun and entertaining. He puts himself into his posts by using first person, the best way for his readers to know a bit about him as well as about the Mississippi Gulf Coast market that he covers.

“I don’t want my posts to be ‘just the facts’, ” Kendall said. His natural, conversational style of writing draws in his readers. The variety of topics he chooses does, too. “I try to find a subject of genuine interest to me, then tell other people about it,” he said.

For example, his catchy headline above a submission on an Ocean Springs subdivision reads, “I Can Find Queen Elizabeth, King Henry and Lancelot in Fort Bayou Estates.” Now that he has the reader’s attention, Kendall explains that these are some of the street names in the subdivision. He also gives details about the neighborhood, but does it with a little humor.

“I may be one of the few people  who have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones (I do have it on my intend-to-watch list), but I am familiar with the tales of Robin Hood, King Arthur and others,” is the  opening sentence. “When I visit {this} well established community…, I enjoy seeing the streets named for these famous folk almost as much as the variety of properties that are on them. And variety is a good word to use for Fort Bayou Estates. ”

The rest of the paragraph tells about the price range and size of homes available, so all the pertinent information is there. But a potential client reading it might want to contact Kendall because he is knowledgeable and amusing, too. A great combination!

Kendall uses this same flair and creativity with many of his post titles. For example, he introduces Gulf access homes with a great article titled, “Went to a Boat Show to Talk about Houses.” In another submission, Kendall writes about a green, sustainable subdivision with his post titled Green Is the Color of Money, Envy, and Nature. These captions pique the interest of the reader, encouraging them to stay on the site longer.

He also has posted many good photos. He makes the most of the picture captions, too, like the one for this golf course from Gautier, MS. There is space for about 16 words in a photo caption, so you have plenty of room to say something about your subject.

It’s January, but not too cold to play a few holes – I hear it calling out to me

These are just a few of the well executed submissions on Kendall’s Agent Insight pages. Click here to take a look at his Agent Insight profile for some inspiration, along with plenty of good marketing strategies to attract potential clients. Take a lesson from Kendall Arnold’s approach, and make your posts informative and really fun. It might just be the hook that lands you some new business.