Know Your Goal for Each Submission

Because your time is valuable, you want to make the most out of every one of your Agent Insight posts. As you consider the subjects you want to cover in your next written submissions and photos, think about the most popular topics that arise as your clients talk to you about their home search. Is this move about finding a good school system? Do they want to be closer to downtown? Do you cater to people in the luxury home market?

Try to include the most-searched keyword phrases in your area. This will help a Google search find your Agent Insight posts and bring leads to you when potential clients use the internet to find an agent and properties.

Additionally, include your favorite topics in your submissions. Choose subjects that are relevant to the local real estate market, but might also be useful to your clients before they even know they are looking for them. These posts should reflect your own interests, such as great restaurants, local sports teams, live theater or annual city events. Tell them what you love to do in the areas where they will find their next home.

Ideally, many of your posts will fulfill both goals at the same time:  addressing your clients’ most pressing issues as well as what you like best about your market area. Always keep your clients in mind as you write your insights and photo captions:  if they don’t care about the subject, it won’t be of any use to you in attracting them to your Agent Insight pages.

Dana Belcher
Dana Belcher

Take a look at an excerpt from this excellent insight by Dana Belcher of RE/MAX Advantage Central in Birmingham, AL. She discusses the urban residential opportunities, as well as shopping, dining and social activities. If her goal is to attract clients who want to look at downtown Birmingham, she is right on-the-mark!

Residents Love the Downtown Loft District
There is an excited buzz among the businesses and growing contingency of residents who dwell downtown. This cityscape is making new leaps in revitalizing….When I have interviewed my past clients who bought downtown, I have heard all of them reflect sentiments like; “best decision I ever made”, “we love it down here”, “I am ready to upgrade to an even larger condo”. These urbanites love their city. 

Robert Miglioratti
Robert Miglioratti

Here’s another good one submitted by Robert Miglioratti of RE/MAX Plus in Rochester, NY.  He talks about the fun of an event he has attended many times, and his description would encourage others to participate as well. Again, Robert is meeting his goal with this submission to pique the interest of potential clients.

Enjoying Autumn at the Hilton Apple Festival
In October, we attended the Hilton Apple Festival as we have done about a dozen or so times over the years. It’s a favorite of mine because of the overall atmosphere, good fun and terrific people. The entire festival is organized beautifully, from the easy and plentiful parking, to police and medical personnel at every corner….Oh, did I mention the apples? Apple pie, apple sauce, apple fritters, apple crumble, apple juice, apple everything, including apple bobbing. It’s a wonderful outdoor celebration of the agricultural center in this community.

Before submitting your insight, check it over and see if it will work for you. How many of these bullet points did you hit?

  • Do my main points fulfill the goal of my post?
  • Is there anything critical missing?
  • Will the headline catch a person’s attention?
  • Would I be excited to read it and care about the content?

These are good habits for your writing, they only take a little time, and they should bring you positive results.