Let Your Insights “Go to the Dogs”

Sharing a beautiful fall sunset at Lake Independence with a favorite friend

Everybody loves dog stories, right? Using man’s best friend in photos and articles adds value to your insights in multiple ways. It gives depth and perspective and puts part of your personality into the post.

The photo above from Gina Feltner Bouws, RE/MAX 1st Realty in Marquette, MI, is a perfect example.  There are hundreds of beautiful lake photos, but by including the dog, Gina makes this one personal. (Sidebar:  notice how well she framed this photo with the dog off-center and the sun hidden behind a tree trunk so it doesn’t put a huge white spot in the scene. Nice job, Gina!)

Dog pictures can be really fun to use while showing off your area. Dog parks, stores with dog bowls outside on the sidewalk, pups greeting customers at shop doors, working dogs in the field with livestock, another waiting for the bell to ring outside the school yard fence….the ideas are endless. You’ll have interesting, clever photos featuring your furry friends that let you say something about local stores, schools, rural areas, parks, etc. The collection below shows dogs at the fishing hole, in the office of a doggy bakery, riding in a truck, and enjoying a boat ride.

We got a little fishing in today after feeding the horses. Dogs live on all the ranches around here
Can I help you? Doggie treats for all! Three Dog Bakery on the popular Bentonville Square
Not sure who is having more fun on Lake Wedowee…man or fur baby!
Sled dogs on their summer break enjoying a truck ride in Traverse City, MI

There are so many dog-related topics to use in your written insights, too. In addition to those already mentioned, you can talk about local veterinarians, pet shops, off-leash dog parks, or pet supply stores.

And don’t forget about cats! Kristin Ruther, RE/MAX of Grand Rapids, MI, submitted a wonderful insight about Debruyn’s Seed Store in Zeeland, MI. Along with details about the store itself, she included, “Last time we visited we were able to meet Butternut, ‘the manager,’ a sweet, loving, orange cat that they brought out for the kids to pet.” That fun little extra shows that Kristin has actually been to the store and is sharing a real recommendation.

Whether you are a dog person or a cat lover, use your pets to help give credence and color to your insights.

Photo credits:  Shannon Rooke Nuckols, RE/MAX First, Russellville, AR; Team Nina Clare and Dave, RE/MAX Real Estate Results, Bentonville, AR; Grady and Linda Stone, RE/MAX Lakefront, Wedowee, AL; Lisa Rossi, RE/MAX Bayshore, Traverse City, MI