Make a Strong First Impression with Agent Insight

Having your clients view you as a trusted advisor is key to being a great real estate agent.  An effective way to build trust with your customers is to showcase your skills and knowledge, while also being natural and authentic. Creating your Agent Insight posts with this in mind is a smart advertising strategy.

Use your writing to show your personality and make people comfortable before they even meet you. Customers want to work with people they like. Your written submissions can make that happen. You’re giving them a reason to contact you because you are the one with both real estate know-how as well as a great feel for the community.

The internet is buzzing all the time with people logging on morning, noon and night. Agent Insight works for you continually as an efficient, user-friendly real estate database paired with all the extra information and perception you provide through your writing and photos.

This is an opportunity for you to tell what you know about many, many aspects of your market area. Your submissions tell clients that you know about the schools, the neighborhoods, the best commuter routes to downtown, where to go for farmers markets – all the things that make you the agent people want to work with.

Here are some excerpts from some great examples written by agents demonstrating what they know about their communities while letting their personalities shine.

Chuck BoghMy…How It Has Grown!
A couple of decades ago when I was much younger and had a better view of my toes, I lived in a small two bedroom apartment with my wife and kids in what was the tiny town of North Liberty. The grocery store was also a hardware store and a gas station. There were little or no city buildings or functions, and if you wanted to go out to eat, there were little or no choices. My, how things have changed! The population of North Liberty has almost tripled…  and is fast becoming a hub for commerce and jobs in its own right.
Chuck Bogh, RE/MAX Affiliates, Coralville, IA

Mary ShelsbyA Small Town Setting and Historic Feel
Last evening I had to return to Honeoye Falls to show property and grabbed dinner at the Brewery. When I walked in the door, two people immediately said, “Hey, I know you. You have a beautiful granddaughter! We saw you at lunch today!” That is what I love about the small town of Honeoye Falls. It is like a step back in time where neighbors know one another and almost always stop to say hello.
Mary Shelsby, RE/MAX Realty Group, Pittsford, NY

James EberleWhat Is “The Nod”?
In Williamsburg, I promise “The Nod” is a whole different experience. There are places in Williamsburg where you’ll meet the eyes of another weary mushroom hunter and share The Nod. Along the winding paths of Sand Lakes Quiet Area, you’ll see another traveler snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, or hiking – another Nod… The reason for this phenomenon is simple; everywhere you go in Williamsburg, you’re part of a place where we appreciate the little things and are happy to see others doing the same.
James Eberle, RE/MAX of Elk Rapids, MI

Early Morning Water Ski
Ahhhhhh! Life in the summer on Lake Hopatcong. My husband wakes up at literally the crack of dawn to suit up and meet his ski buddies. That is the time of the morning when the water is as they say “like glass” and is apparently the best time to ski… Me? I’m just content to watch from the deck as I sip my coffee and cheer him them on. Yes, life is good on the lake!
Lisa Peluso, RE/MAX First Choice Realtors II, Succasunna, NJ

Readers know something about the personality of each of these four agents after reading their submissions. Whether your writing style is elegant or folksy, full of facts or giving a broad overview, put yourself into your paragraphs. Introduce yourself with your words while you tell about the community. Agent Insight is a great vehicle for winning clients through Internet leads. Post regularly and often to keep your name up front and the Agent Insight content fresh.