Marketing Tips at “Word from the Street”

Very likely, you have gotten some of your best ideas for building your own real estate business from other RE/MAX agents.  Hundreds of them have included Agent Insight in their marketing plan with great success.  But don’t take our word for it – learn directly from the agents why they believe this is such a valuable tool! You’ll find them in the “Word from the Street” section  on the left side of the home page of our Insight Insider blog. Here are a few to get you started.

“I have found that my Agent Insight leads are quality leads. The people making inquiries truly want my resources and are very glad for my quick response. They actively look at the information I send them.  My marketing plan is working, and I’m seeing results without spending a dime on it,” said Valerie Bomberger, RE/MAX Harbor Country in New Buffalo, MI.

Valerie made it her goal to have at least one post in every subdivision in her market area. To that end, she has submitted 760 photos and written submissions to her Agent Insight pages. Her posts have staying power, too. For example, a post Valerie submitted in 2018 on Jarvis Lake in Berrien County, MI, is still the second source that pops up on a recent Google search.

When your clients live out of town, you want to give them as much information about your area as possible. Glee Barnhill, RE/MAX of Orange Beach, AL, finds Agent Insight to be an invaluable tool to help her “show and tell” her clients about the picturesque Gulf Coast area.

“Ours is a resort area with lots of retirees moving from northern states, ” said Glee, who has posted over 140 submissions. “Agent Insight is such a benefit because I can show out-of-town clients so much of our beautiful Gulf communities online. With so many buyers choosing their new homes sight-unseen, this is a great service.”

You also want to show potential clients that you are the expert in your market area whether it is urban, rural, beachfront, new construction, or ranch properties. Jeff With, RE/MAX T-Town in Tulsa, OK, has done that very well with the 160 posts he has submitted with his wife and partner, Joyce.

“I wanted a better web presence and liked the Agent Insight concept,” Jeff said. “Our postings help give us that presence and create a ripple effect for attracting clients years down the road. We plan our posts to connect with people moving to rural Oklahoma.”

All the “Word from the Street” quotes are taken from full articles that you can reference in our Newsletter Article Archive. Quotes are added to the blog’s front page periodically, so be sure to check back to find ideas for your own marketing plan.