Marketing to Millennials

Millennials, defined as people born between 1981 and 2000, are the largest generation since the baby boomers. By 2017, 80 million millennials will become the age group with the greatest spending power. These shoppers spend more time and money online than any other generation and are greatly influenced by visual storytelling.

They are first generation to grow up with computers in the home and in the classroom, and they have never been without the Internet or cell phones. Millennials are the most connected generation with laptops, tablets and smartphones constantly accessing an ever-expanding selection of websites.

Enter Agent Insight, a powerful on-line marketing tool ideally suited to reach this huge group of future home buyers. Your written insights and photo submissions can be tailored to the content millennials care about, such as proximity to commuter lines, neighborhood restaurants and shops, and top school districts.

Research shows that millennials care as much about the amenities within their immediate area as the ones within their home. Sell them on the location, and you’ll make huge headway toward selling them the property. Think about the neighborhoods you want to emphasize and include information about nearby features such as excellent coffee shops or bike paths or Frisbee golf courses. A photo essay with appealing pictures can help capture leads and give current clients lots of reasons to take a look at specific parts of the community.

Linda Williams, RE/MAX Premier Realty in Monroe, LA, has posted dozens of photos of her town, including many beautiful homes and neighborhoods. But she has also interspersed these with pictures showing a variety of things to do in Monroe. Notice how Linda includes pertinent information in each caption.

The Monroe Athletic Club offers the area's most complete family fitness facility
The Monroe Athletic Club offers the area’s most complete family fitness facility, including tennis and swimming
The Kiroli Park Amphitheatre is a great venue for events and is host to the Ballet Under the Stars
The Kiroli Park Amphitheatre is a great venue for events and is host to the Ballet Under the Stars


While pictures capture the eye and imagination, a good written insight presents the compelling details about an area. We call them “insights” for a reason:  these are your views on what makes an area appealing to clients. Take a look at this one submitted by Dana Belcher, RE/MAX Advantage Central in Birmingham, AL. She talks about the residential opportunities of the downtown area, emphasizing many amenities of interest to potential buyers, but especially to the millennial crowd who find urban living so attractive.

Residents Love the Downtown Loft District
There is an excited buzz among the businesses and growing contingency of residents who dwell downtown. This cityscape is making new leaps in revitalizing. Actually, revitalizing should really be used past tense now as Birmingham’s downtown has revitalized. Now it is simply improving with more additions serving to improve its inhabitants’ lives. Cruise the streets after five and you will see the sidewalks full of joggers, dog walkers, bikers and strollers all busy living a great, convenient lifestyle. When I have interviewed my past clients who bought downtown, I have heard all of them reflect sentiments like; “best decision I ever made”, “we love it down here”, “I am ready to upgrade to an even larger condo”. These urbanites love their city. They frequently are excited to tell me the latest tidbit of news. Most recent is that a large, popular, national grocery chain is slated to open a store within quick walking distance. I am excited for them! Another is a plan under discussion to bring a bike share to the street corners. The city of Birmingham is doing a great deal to continue growing a friendly urban neighborhood. Currently the most popular streets in the loft district are 1st Ave N, 2nd Ave N and 3rd Ave N. There are quite a few condos with some high rises on those streets with your choice of fine dining, coffee houses to hang out in, theaters, McWane Children’s Museum, YMCA, shops with local artists, and most recently, a minor league baseball park and a natural green space with trails and ponds. The area is quickly becoming a destination spot for out-of-the-ordinary restaurants and shops. Plan to visit the Loft district for great food options and unique retail items. 

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 89% of millennial buyers and 88% of millennial sellers  use a real estate agent.  Use every marketing plan you can to reach this group, including Agent Insight. Your submissions give you authority about your market area and the Agent Insight format is an excellent way to catch the attention of the millennial consumers.


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Statistics for this article came from, 5 Ways to Court Millennial Buyers, by Eric Eckardt. To see the whole article, go to