Take Me Home, Country Road

Inola is farm country with miles of fertile fields, “Hay Capital of the World”

If the focus of your business is farmland, ranches or acreage sales, you need to make Agent Insight a strong part of your marketing plan. Your properties are exceptionally photogenic,  whether featuring small details or showing a panoramic view. The beautiful photo above is a great example.

You also have an unlimited opportunity to present yourself as the expert in rural sales with your written submissions. Be sure to use key words  in your headline and body copy that will attract potential clients searching the web. Some descriptors include ranches for sale, farmland real estate, equestrian properties, lake front properties, and hunting/fishing areas.

Joyce & Jeff With

That’s exactly what agent Jeff With did recently with a post about a hunting property near Beggs, OK. Jeff and his wife, Joyce, are part of RE/MAX T-town in Tulsa, OK. He posted both a photo and a short paragraph on Agent Insight about the hunting land and attracted a client who became a buyer. Jeff’s post is descriptive, inviting, and to the point. Here’s an excerpt:

Afternoon hunting with a good dog and great results. Tasty dinner tonight!

A Successful Afternoon Hunt in Okmulgee County
I was fortunate to spend an exciting day photographing a successful bird hunt. While my friend trained his dog, I got a good look at the hunting land near Beggs, OK….Located in Okmulgee County, Beggs offers some of the nicest field and upland hunting opportunities in the state. Just south of Beggs,…. a small farm and ranch community where the people are nice and friendly. Beggs is a wonderful place to live in Oklahoma.

Jeff grew up in California, but spent summers with his Oklahoma grandparents. After moving to Oklahoma several years ago, Jeff and Joyce joined RE/MAX where they specialize in farms, ranches, vacant land, commercial, and residential properties. The office IT marketing person directed them to Agent Insight.

“I wanted a better web presence and liked the Agent Insight concept,” Jeff said. “Our postings help give us that presence and create a ripple effect for attracting clients years down the road. We plan our posts to connect with people moving to rural Oklahoma. We work with many clients who move here to have some space. They are frequently looking for 10 acres with a house and plan to have a hobby farm. Others want a lakefront home with plenty of their own property around them,”

Before becoming a real estate agent, Jeff was a magazine owner and editor. The skills he honed then are put to work with his written Agent Insight submissions. He has an upbeat, down-to-earth style that exhibits his expertise for country real estate and his appreciation for life beyond city limits. He has posted on rural developments, trains, county events, camping venues, and some fun human interest pieces such as helping to find a lost dog. The insight he wrote on Oklahoma’s red soil is a fun read. He posted an accompanying photo, too. Take a look at his article:

Red Dirt Country
I was out showing a ranch in Coyle, OK this week and took a look at our Tahoe SUV. The picture does not do it justice, but the dirt is so red in this area that it stained my tires and the grey plastic fenders on the truck. In this shot you can see the red dirt clay and the tan clay mixed together. The dirt is such a bright, deep red color like I have never seen before. Really neat.

Both Jeff and Joyce are photographers and take their cameras with them everywhere for work and play.  Jeff finds it easy to get plenty of pictures before or after showing a property. He likes using Agent Insight as a forum for his photos and says it is also fun, quick and relaxing to post them. There is plenty of variety in the Withs’ photo collection as seen in the examples here, including the muddy SUV.

Red Dirt Country all over my SUV!
Are you here to feed me?
Horse and cattle country around Mounds
Night shot of the rural Oklahoma skyline

There are many RE/MAX agents who use Agent Insight to showcase the rural areas they sell. Their posts depict rolling hills, fields full of crops being harvested, rodeos, grazing cattle, big skies, barns, corrals, streams, lakes, and much more. Like Jeff With, their insights attract customers. It will only take a few minutes to get your own rural posts working for you.