Resolutions for 2016

In the spirit of the season, we are offering a few Agent Insight New Year’s resolutions for your consideration. Whether you are a regular contributor,  you have posted just a few submissions, or you are completely new to the project, it’s time for a fresh look at Agent Insight for 2016.

Remember that this is a marketing effort that works best if many agents participate.  As Michigan agent Ray Guest RE/MAX Platinum, has said, “If we all contributed to Agent insight regularly, we’d put the other real estate companies out of business!”  With that thoughtful premise in mind, take a look at our list:

Resolution #1:
I will post written submissions and photos on a regular basis. Try to submit a few submissions every week for the most impact on Agent Insight roster placement. Fresh material will also help attract search engine attention when a client is looking for properties.

Resolution #2:
I will present a complete and balanced perspective of my market area. That means showing a good mix of street scenes, playgrounds, gardens, and other amenities of a neighborhood. Take advantage of this great venue for showing your clients all aspects of a community.

Resolution #3:
I will write insights in first person whenever possible. Telling your story in first person gives you much more credibility as a person with first-hand knowledge and appreciation of your subject. It also frequently creates a more fun and readable style than a “just-the-facts-ma ‘am” approach. This insight from Alison Burns, RE/MAX Results in Omaha, NE, is an excellent example of an engaging first person piece:

Everything I Wanted in a Neighborhood
We came from a secluded location – right in the middle of farmland.  And while we liked the quiet, sometimes it was a little too quiet.  We were fearful that a neighborhood might have too much noise, too many nosy neighbors, yelling, etc.  And then we found our dream home…  Read more. 

 Resolution #4:
I will take a few seconds to frame my photos and will NEVER shoot them through the windshield of my car. It will only take a few seconds, so please stop your car and step out for a moment to capture the kind of pictures you want. Many thanks to all the agents who sent beautiful photos like these:

Gorgeous colors in the Old State Capitol rotunda. Look up!
Gorgeous colors in the Louisiana Old State Capitol rotunda. Look up!
Nutley Rowing Team
The Nutley Rowing Team competes against other New Jersey participants
Mountain views at the annual Tour of the Witchtas Bike Ride in Oklahoma
Gift Shop along Bath House Row in Hot Springs
Gift Shop along Bath House Row in Hot Springs, AR


Resolution #5:
I will always put something interesting in my photo caption.  While many people frequently just skim over paragraphs, they  will actually read captions (and headlines!). The caption is a great place to include real estate keywords that will get indexed by search engines and drive traffic back to you!

If you are a fisherman, you fish even in stormy weather. Shinnecock inlet, Hampton Bays
If you are a fisherman, you fish even in stormy weather. Shinnecock inlet, Hampton Bays, NY

Resolution #6
I will acknowledge that it is easy, fun, and beneficial to contribute to Agent Insight. If you just make a handful of submissions and never return to the website, you will realize little benefit from Agent Insight. Embrace this project in 2016 and increase your online marketing presence.

“I love Agent Insight and the idea behind it!” says Ricki McIntire, RE/MAX Innovations in Kansas City, MO. “This is one of the most exciting things I have seen in 23 years of real estate. Everyone pitches in and we all benefit from an individual perspective AND from a company perspective.  Another awesome tool to keep us ‘Above the Crowd’!”

Photos by Nancy Lovejoy, RE/MAX Real Estate Group, Baton Rouge, LA; Tina Rebimbas Torres, RE/MAX Lifetime Realtors, Union, NJ; Paul Durry, RE/MAX Professionals, Lawton, OK; Mike Griffin, RE/MAX of Hot Springs Village, AR; Iryna Talmachova, RE/MAX Signature Real Estate, Setauket, NY.