Showcase Your City’s Icons

If you see a photo of a towering arch above the Mississippi River, you know immediately that you are looking at St. Louis. See a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and you know it’s from San Francisco. There are nationally known landmarks in cities across the country, as well as local sites that are well known in their towns.

Local landmarks make great subjects for your written or photo submissions to Agent Insight. As with everything you post, you are showing clients what they can expect to see and do in your area. These icons add so much character to your community pages and help round out the coverage you give to neighborhoods and developments.

Many agents have already posted landmarks from their communities that have become symbols of the city. Examples include the Desert Dome at Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE; Birmingham’s Sloss Furnace Company that helped grow that city when it was young; the historic Union Station in Kansas City, MO; and the breath-taking St. Louis Cathedral in New Orlean’s French Quarter. Take a look:

Desert Dome at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo is the world’s largest glazed geodesic dome
The historic Sloss Furnace Company in 1881 helped establish Birmingham, AL
Historic Union Station against a backdrop of Kansas City’s skyline
The majestic St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter’s Jackson Square

Each of these sites has wide recognition, but you can likely find local symbols that are very well known within a smaller region. Some may be gorgeous, some may be whimsical. Take a look at the two below. You’ll see the stately courthouse in Howell, MI, and a crazy spider sculpture featuring a Volkswagen Beetle centerpiece outside of Lexington, OK.

The old courthouse in Howell was built in 1890
Famous spider located on the west side of Hwy 77

As you continue to build each of your community pages, remember to showcase your local landmarks, famous or not. Agent Insight gives you such a great opportunity to portray all aspects of your area, in addition to the housing market. Paint the big picture, and have fun while you do it!

Contributors include:  Lindsey Krenk, RE/MAX Results, Omaha, NE; Matt Hargrave, RE/MAX Heritage, Lee’s Summit, MO;  Mark Moceri, RE/MAX Platinum, Brighton, MI; Jeremy Moosavi, RE/MAX Lifestyle, Oklahoma City, OK.