Tell Your Own Story – There’s No Place Like Home

Perhaps the easiest subject you can find for Agent Insight submissions is your own neighborhood. This is a “write what you know” situation that makes composing an insight a snap. Our emotions are so tied to where we live:  home, hearth, family, friends, traditions. All this makes it simple to write a  meaningful submission. You probably have plenty of good neighborhood photos in your phone right now that would make great submissions!

We have hundreds of agents who have posted excellent insights on their home neighborhoods. For example, Michelle Van Horn, RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts in Lincoln, NE, has sent half a dozen written submissions about the Boulder Ridge subdivision where she has lived for the past six years.

Pop sales in the summer are fun for all the neighbors

Boulder Ridge Family
I’ve lived in Boulder Ridge since 2011 and LOVE IT!  I just recently built a new home and decided that I wanted to stay in this neighborhood, so I am near all my great neighbors and support system.  We all look out for each other (really look out for each other’s kids) and have fantastic neighborhood parties for Easter and the 4th of July.  If you drive through Boulder Ridge on any sunny weekend, you will probably find a lot of neighbors sitting in a driveway chatting and watching the kids play.

Michelle has written other short articles about neighborhood events, new construction, and the HOA. She has a number of photos posted as well. But here’s the best part:  although  Michelle did all this work in mid-2015, the Boulder Ridge community page still comes up first in the Google results when you run a search on “boulder ridge homes for sale lincoln ne.” Further, Michelle is the only agent who has posted written submissions about Boulder Ridge, so she will always appear as the Featured Local Expert when potential clients find this page. What an extraordinary, on-going marketing tool you can have with little effort!

Try writing a piece about your neighborhood and see how easy it is. Just tell why you love where you live, sharing some of your experiences and feelings. Amy Gravlee, RE/MAX Advantage South in Birmingham, AL, evokes plenty of emotion when describing why her neighborhood is so important to her:

A view of Mt Laurel; beautiful flowers like these hydrangeas bloom throughout the neighborhood

Mt Laurel. Home Is Where the Heart Is
The word home has many different meanings to each one of us. To me, home is where my heart is, it’s my family, it’s my want-to-go-home-to-everyday place.  Mt Laurel is my “home”. It’s a place where I feel safe, where I enjoy incredible business owners and wonderful neighbors. It’s feeling serene when I walk to our 11 acre lake just five minutes out my front door. It is joy when I take my dogs to the dog park and they play with other dogs like children; we even talk like they are human to other neighbors. It’s a place where your children can play in the streets and not worry about traffic. It is a place to call home.

Who wouldn’t want to take a look at the homes in Mt Laurel after reading Amy’s submission? So the question is, if you haven’t sent a submission about your own neighborhood, why not? Send something in today!