Your On-Line Billboard

Steve Snook
Steve Snook

“Agent Insight gives RE/MAX agents a competitive edge over everyone else in the business,” says Steve Snook,  Senior Business Development Consultant for the Mid-States Region. “It even gives participating agents an edge over their colleagues in the same office who don’t utilize Agent Insight. This is their on-line billboard.”

Steve has been a huge supporter of Agent Insight since its inception two years ago. From the beginning, he had a vision that the first adapters would blaze the trail and their results with leads would inspire others.

“I hear success stories all the time,” Steve says. “I always have someone telling me about a lead or two that have come via Agent Insight. They are so excited to see their work paying off with this great prospecting tool.”

Conversation leads frequently happen every week for agents who add photos and written submissions regularly and are smart about spreading their posts throughout their market.

“I recently had an agent from Yukon, OK, tell me ‘I finally get it!’ When he Googled a subdivision for a listing presentation, the first item that appeared in the search results was his Agent Insight post,” Steve reports. “That agent has committed himself to increasing his submissions after seeing how effective it can be in bringing potential clients to his page.”

Steve also has found Agent Insight to be a great recruiting tool because it is exclusive to RE/MAX. He tells new agents that posting on Agent Insight is an excellent way to engage in on-line marketing while really getting to know their community. He tells them to show the amenities of their markets’ subdivisions, local businesses, restaurants, schools and all of the other features that would make the town appealing to a prospective client.

“You never know where your next good lead will come from,” he says. “If you promote a restaurant or business on Agent Insight, let the proprietors know and direct them to see the post on your page. When that person knows someone looking for a real estate agent, he will remember your name and just might return the favor.”

Steady, consistent posting is the key to success and Steve encourages everyone to work Agent Insight into their daily schedule. “It only takes a little time and can really be fun to do,” Steve says. “Trying to do a lot at once might be a challenging amount of work, but doing a couple every day or so will build up your collection of posts quickly. Keep in mind that 10, 20 or even 50 posts is just not enough to make a difference. You must have several hundred posts to be really out there where you can be found and noticed.”

“Remember, our competitors don’t have this. As you build a huge library of photos and written posts about your market, you are creating a powerful prospecting tool, an on-line presence and an excellent show-and-tell piece to use during listing presentations.

“Agent Insight is the easiest prospecting tool that there is because you can do it anytime,” Steve says. “Snap your photos and make a few notes during the day, then make submissions at your leisure while you’re home in your pajamas!”