Agent Insight Guidelines Are Simple

Posting your insights on Agent Insight is easy, but there are some guidelines that must be followed in order to maintain the site’s high standards of quality. Your submissions usually will appear live on Agent Insight within one business day, but there are a number of things that can cause delays.

No  Duplicate Content
We want to keep the SEO ranking of Agent Insight as high as possible so prospective clients will be able to find your work there quickly. Therefore, all your pictures and written insights must be your original work. Photos or written words cannot be copied and pasted from any another internet source. Duplicate content will hurt the Google ranking of the site, which means that your submissions will not be found as easily when a consumer does an internet search.

No Personal Advertising
Please refrain from any self-promotion or from marketing specific listings in your submissions. The purpose of Agent Insight is to present a complete picture of the entire community. Instead of focusing on a listing, give plenty of coverage to the neighborhood’s amenities and why people choose to live there. The more you submit insights in the various communities you serve, the more often you will be presented to the consumer as a local real estate expert.

It Still Applies – Location, Location, Location!
Submit your insights to the most specific community page possible. This could be a neighborhood, development, school district, city, or county, depending on the subject matter of the post. It is interesting to note that Agent Insight has much higher SEO ranking on our subdivision pages, often ranking in the top 10 of search results! So submit as often as possible on these subdivision or condominium pages in order to maximize your internet exposure.

No Identifiable People
It’s fine to submit photos of people in a crowd or from the back as long as they cannot be easily identified. This includes your own family members or anyone who gives you permission to use their faces in your post. We would also ask that you refrain from posting images of people who are wearing a mask.

Horizontal Photos
All photos published in Agent Insight must be taken in landscape orientation, meaning that you hold your camera in a horizontal position. If you want to include a vertical subject, such as a church steeple or a soaring office building, step back until you have a good horizontal composition of your tall subject. The clock tower photo below by Marshall Dines, RE/MAX Lighthouse in Petoskey, MI, is a good example.

Leaves change during fall near the playgrounds. Beautiful for parents to watch while kids play

Everyone Benefits!
As the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” The guidelines that exist are intended to make Agent Insight a top-notch resource for all of a consumer’s real estate needs. Higher SEO rankings means more traffic to the site, which means that all participating agents will receive maximum benefit.