Expand Your Areas of Expertise

All agents participating in Agent Insight have their own personal page with their bio and contact information provided for prospective clients. To the right on the page is a column titled Areas of Expertise.

Do you know how additions are made here? It’s very simple. Every time you submit a written insight or a photo for a subdivision, a city, a county or a school district, that place is added to your Areas of Expertise list. Say a little or a lot about any of them and they are on your list.


This is a powerful feature of Agent Insight, so make the most of it. Send in an insight or photo of every community and subdivision where you want to make sales.  Choose to cover a neighborhood’s amenities or highlight a special event in the community. Give your submissions lots of variety for interest to your readers and to make it more fun for yourself while you are composing them.

Clients want to deal with an expert – show them that’s you!

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