If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words, What’s a Video Worth?

A video can be an excellent addition to your insight. It can enhance the story you are telling about a neighborhood or give further details on an upcoming community event.

To include a video in an insight, first start with a short written insight about your subject; three or more sentences giving the reader a little information.

Then, it is easy to add a video link to the insight. Simply locate the video on YouTube, copy the URL from your browser’s address bar and, paste it into the field titled Related Video YouTube Link below the insight text. Click Submit, and you’re good to go.

Videos share the same guidelines as insights and photos, and are subject to the moderation process.

So, what to post? A video is a great way to show a neighborhood. James Simmons, RE/MAX Greater Princeton, Princeton, NJ, has posted several videos of subdivisions, complete with his narration. As he drives through the neighborhood, James describes amenities, architectural styles and price ranges. Click on the video below to take a look.


There are a lot of videos available that feature your city, its culture, and its events.  For example, Michael Minervini of RE/MAX Generations in Red Bank, NJ found this video on YouTube posted by the downtown Red Bank Merchant’s Association. Though he did not shoot it, and its focus is on the businesses in the area, it conveys a clear message about life in the urban area on the northern tip of the Jersey Shore. Click on the photo below to watch the video. 


A Few Boundaries

All videos must first be uploaded to YouTube.  You can upload a personal video or choose any other YouTube video that supports your Agent Insight Submission.

Unlike photos, videos may feature the author (even if it is you) as “film credit”.  This is a common practice with commercially produced videos.  However, for Agent Insight, videos should not include a strong advertising or promotional message, call to action, or other purely commercial pitch.

One very important thing to remember – some YouTube videos are setup to be “monetized”.  This means that a paid advertisement will appear along the bottom portion of the video, typically featuring a third party paid advertisement. Such videos are not permitted with Agent Insight, and will be rejected. If it is your video, you have the choice of disabling the monetization option. If the video was not authored by you, then you cannot change this option and should select another video for your insight post.

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