Location! Location! Location!

Yes, that’s the number one rule of real estate sales, but it is also very important in the context of Agent Insight. Placing your submissions in the most correct location provides optimum search engine visibility on the most pages. For example, a post about a specific subdivision should be placed on that subdivision’s page, not the city or county page, and it will then display on all three pages (subdivision, city, county) and get much more exposure. Placed incorrectly at a county level for instance, that photo or insight will only appear on the county page.

SEO Note: It is much easier to rank on super-local terms like subdivisions (also known as long-tail searches) because there is less competition for search engine ranking than searches on larger geographical areas like cities and counties. Further, smart consumers are using more long-tail searches in order to find the most relevant results for their specific home-buying needs. For example, the search term “Fairway homes for sale in Kansas City MO” is going to have less competition and more relevant results than a broad search for “Kansas City MO Homes for Sale.”

A beautiful waterfall in the park area in Lakepointe

Cheri McGaw, RE/MAX State Line in Prairie Village, KS, posted the photo shown at the left here of a waterfall commons area of the Lakepointe subdivision in Shawnee, KS.  She placed it correctly on the Lakepointe page so it is displayed there as well as on the Shawnee city page and the Johnson County, KS, page.

Likewise, be careful to place school district submissions on the proper page. A large percentage of clients prioritize good schools at the top of their list when scouting locations for their new home. Be sure you have Agent Insight submissions posted in the top-rated school districts in your market area so site browsers will perceive you as knowledgeable in this crucial area.

elementary school
Newly remodeled Fort Calhoun Elementary School

Julie Pohlad, RE/MAX Results in Omaha, NE, has posted several photos of buildings and activities in the Fort Calhoun Community Schools, including the one shown here. Julie was careful to put each of these on the school district page so they will appear there and on the Washington County, NE, page.

While we’re on the subjects of “places,” please remember that in Agent Insight, a place refers only to residential areas. Subdivisions, neighborhoods, and condominiums all fall in that category, as do cities and counties on the larger level. Zoos, museums, parks, sports areas, and many other great community amenities need written insights and photos, but they don’t have separate “place” pages on Agent Insight.

We are always in the process of refining the data and welcome your help! If you are trying to post a submission and discover that the subdivision or school district you want is missing, please click on the red “Report Location” button found on every Agent Insight place page. Complete the short form and submit it. It should only take you about 60 seconds to fill out the form, and we will get your request into our system right away.