Showcasing Neighborhoods

The ability to present a whole neighborhood or community is one of the features that sets Agent Insight apart from other real estate websites that show only homes for sales.  If you have posted a submission or two about subdivisions where you regularly show houses, take time to expand those pages.

Entrance monument photos are usually easy to take and can often be visually stunning. However, your words and pictures should give clients much more to consider as they think about where to direct their house hunt. Show them common areas, the club house, sidewalks and walking trails, tennis courts, the pool and floral close-ups. Rather than submitting photos of individual homes, a nicely framed picture of several homes will provide more information on the character of a neighborhood.

James Simmons, RE/MAX Greater Princeton in New Jersey, took advantage of the reflection in the water featured in this Robbinsville, NJ,  neighborhood — so much more effective than just a shot of the front of one of these homes.

Homes on the lake at Town Center in Robbinsville
Homes on the lake at Town Center in Robbinsville

The nearly bird’s-eye view of the photo below taken by Jeffrey Decatur, RE/MAX Capitol in Albany, NY, presents a spectacular feel for the beautiful setting of the East Hills development.

Gorgeous view from a deck in East Hills. You don't get a view like this everywhere
Gorgeous view from a deck in East Hills. You don’t get a view like this everywhere

Of course, you want to tell potential clients the style of homes in the subdivision and which schools the children attend, but give your article more color and interest by including information about neighborhood traditions. Do they have a July 4th parade or an Easter egg hunt? Are there block parties or a a swim team?  Do they sponsor a best lawn and garden contest in summer or Christmas decorations awards in December? Is there a neighborhood welcoming committee?

Kathryn Richards, RE/MAX Affiliates in Coralville, IA, tells about a warm, inclusive place with her insight about her neighborhood. Here’s an excerpt:

Country Living…Almost
Every summer we look forward to getting out of doors and “neighboring”. We always keep the lawn chairs close by for the impromptu gatherings and highly competitive lawn games. There has always been a nice mix of young families and retirees nearby to round out the adage “It takes a village.” 

Presenting all the features of the subdivisions in your market area is one of the strengths of Agent Insight. Potential clients can get a really good look at a neighborhood before they ever see it in person. They will also know that you are the agent who can tell them all about it because they see your name on your insights and photos.

One last word about entrance monuments photos:  if you want to include one of these in your pictorial essay of a subdivision, step out of the car and frame it well just like your other pictures.  So many entrance signs are beautifully constructed and landscaped and make a great addition to the subdivision page. This one by Lisa Kopp, RE/MAX Premier Realty in Prairie Village, KS, is an excellent example.

Welcome to Benson Place
Welcome to Benson Place