Strategies for Your Agent Insight Submissions

Every agent is busy, especially during the prime sales months. You should be thoughtful and strategic as you plan your submissions to Agent Insight. Here are some ideas for getting the most return for your investment of time.

There are many subdivisions and neighborhoods within your market area that have no Agent Insight postings. Fill them up with written insights and photographs. Covering your market thoroughly will strengthen the RE/MAX brand in your area and help keep your name on top.

It’s easy to find a list of subdivisions that have no Agent Insight postings. Simply navigate to your Agent Insight profile page and look for a red button in the right column that reads, “View Places Needing Insight.” Click on the button, and a list of places will appear. You will also find a blue “Opportunities” button on every city landing page that displays a list of subdivisions with little or no submissions. For more information, refer to our Insight Insider article, So, Would You Like to be Mayor.

You should be strategic in deciding where you want to place your submissions. For example, make sure you have posts in every subdivision where you have homes listed for sale. Agent Insight is a tool designed to drive potential clients to your listings, so use it! Further, ranking in the top of a Google search result for a potential seller’s subdivision would be an excellent component for your next listing presentation.

You might also want to have some posts covering the high value subdivisions in your market. Keep in mind that there will be more competition on those pages from other participating agents, so keep your name on top by making frequent submissions. You can always think of something new to submit, whether it’s a short article about the neighborhood’s upcoming events or photos showing it during different seasons of the year. Be as creative and personal as possible in presenting your observations about the subdivision. Frequent posts will also keep your agent photo at the top of the agent roster page.

Another good tactic for boosting your Agent Insight work is to schedule it into your weekly routine. Some agents choose to write their posts and photo captions while they sip their morning coffee. Others choose a convenient weekly time and mark it on their calendars. Some arrive at showings early so they can take a few pictures and jot down some ideas about the neighborhood before their clients arrive. Another prime opportunity could be between visitors at your next Open House!

Decide what game plan works best for you. Your submissions make you an expert about your community, and the flow of fresh material to Agent Insight can strengthen your SEO rankings which means a continuous generation of leads.