So, Would You Like To Be Mayor?

Two things are vital to the success of Agent Insight in your market – having unique information on as many communities as possible, and keeping it fresh. As an Agent Insight contributor, when you help us with those goals, you will be rewarded by being featured as the local expert (or “mayor”) of the neighborhoods and communities where you share your insight.

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If you have recently submitted an insight on an area, your branding will appear at the top of that community’s page.

A Featured Local Expert tile is displayed near the top of most community pages. The agent featured there is one of the three (chosen at random), who most recently submitted an insight about that community.

Not only is this valuable marketing for you, it gives you added exposure to Google and the other search engines – which can result in you personally ranking higher in searches.

How To Run For Mayor

Becoming  Mayor of a community is simple – periodically share your insight on that area. And be sure to refresh it from time to time – otherwise you might fall out of the top three and no longer be featured.

And if you’re the first and only to submit on an area? Then you can claim that position exclusively!

For example, for many months, Frank and Miriel Brown, a married couple who team together at RE/MAX Realty Suburban in Shawnee Mission, KS, have been the only contributors about Lake Quivera KS, an attractive rural community within the Kansas City metropolitan area. Anyone searching for properties or community information in Lake Quivera won’t be able to miss Frank and Miriel as the Featured Local Experts.

Make it a habit to occasionally review the “areas of expertise” list on your Agent Insight Profile to insure you are still featured. Also – browse throught the areas where you live and do business, and share your insight, so that you become Mayor of those areas as well!

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