Find Valuable Tools in Insight Insider Blog

The Insight Insider blog is a road map to Agent Insight, the unique tool that so many RE/MAX agents have made part of their marketing plan. It gives you opportunities to grow the RE/MAX presence in your area, elevate your personal online brand and generate more potential clients.

Insight Insider guides you through all aspects of Agent Insight so you can showcase your professional knowledge and experience. RE/MAX agents across the country have posted thousands of written submissions and photos and more are added daily, On the blog’s front page, you’ll find links explaining how to get started and another answers frequently asked questions.

There is a complete archive of all the Agent Insight newsletter articles. Emailed to our RE/MAX agents periodically, the newsletter contains a wealth of information for strengthening  your social media presence and for getting the most out of your Agent Insight submissions.

There are frequent interviews with participants from many different regions explaining why they participate in Agent Insight and suggestions for submission content. You’ll find good tips for photography and writing to make your posts their most effective.

Other articles explain how Agent Insight works for you. For example, one piece demonstrates how Agent Insight is a perfect sales funnel for your business. Another tells you how Agent Insight gives you a marketing plan on auto pilot. A third is about boosting client leads with Agent Insight. There are dozens of articles on files for you to review for great ideas.

On the left side of Insight Insider’s front page is a column called “Word from the Street“. If you are wondering what individual agents have to say about this resource, take a look at the enthusiasm you’ll find in these quotes. Here are a few examples:

“Agent Insight is the easiest prospecting tool that there is because you can do it anytime. You can submit new posts when you’re home in your pajamas!”
Steve Snook, Senior Business Development Consultant, Mid-States Region

“I have found that my Agent Insight leads are quality leads. The people making inquiries truly want my resources. My marketing plan is working and I’m seeing results without spending a dime on it,”
— Valerie Bomberger, RE/MAX Harbor Country, New Buffalo, MI

“There’s a fear factor for clients in learning how to get involved in a new area. They can visualize themselves there with the help of my Agent Insight photos and articles.”
— Marty Remo, RE/MAX Benchmark Realty Group, Central Valley, NY

If you are new to Agent Insight and need some encouragement to get started, these quotes and others from “Word from the Street” can give you the incentive to get started. If you are an Agent Insight veteran but haven’t posted anything for a while, take these words from your peers to heart and get Agent Insight back on your schedule.